Developing Tools for Networks of Processors

Alfonso Ortega de la Puente, Marina De la Cruz Echeandía, Emilio Del Rosal, Carmen Navarrete Navarrete, Antonio Jiménez Martínez, Juan De Lara, Eloy Anguiano Rey, Miguel Cuéllar, José Miguel Rojas Siles


A great deal of research eort is currently being made in the realm of so called natural computing. Natural computing mainly focuses on the denition, formal description, analysis, simulation and programming of new models of computation (usually with the same expressive power as Turing Machines) inspired by Nature, which makes them particularly suitable for the simulation of complex systems.

Some of the best known natural computers are Lindenmayer systems (Lsystems, a kind of grammar with parallel derivation), cellular automata, DNA computing, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, multi agent systems, arti- cial neural networks, P-systems (computation inspired by membranes) and NEPs (or networks of evolutionary processors). This chapter is devoted to this last model.


language; literature; computation

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