Earth Jurisprudence in Africa


  • Carlotta Byrne The Gaia Foundation


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Earth Jurisprudence — Customary governance systems — Customary law — Sacred natural sites and territories — Africa — African Earth Jurisprudence Collective — Earth-centred — Earth’s laws — Indigenous governance — Traditional and indigenous communities — Legal pluralism — Decolonisation — Rights of Nature — Seed sovereignty — Food sovereignty — Reweaving the basket of life


If we are to find our way into the future, Earth-centred approaches to governance are the only way forward for Africa and for the world. In the midst of the multiple ecological and social crises of our time, a strong, pan-African Earth Jurisprudence Collective is advocating for decolonised, African, Earth-centred pathways into a flourishing, life-sustaining future for all species. The African Earth Jurisprudence Collective is accompanying traditional and indigenous communities in East, West and Southern Africa as they revive their ancestral knowledge and practices, restore sacred natural sites and associated rituals, re-establish indigenous seed diversity and food sovereignty, and strengthen their customary governance systems, which are aligned with the laws of the Earth. These civil-society-led initiatives are founded on Africa’s rich indigenous legal traditions and cultural heritage and inspired by Earth Jurisprudence.


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Byrne, T. G. F. (2022). Earth Jurisprudence in Africa. Revista Catalana De Dret Ambiental, 13(1).