Environmental Jurisprudence in India: A Journey Towards Attaining Eco-Centric Ideals


  • Manjeri Subin Sunder Raj Harmony with Nature, United Nations



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Environment- Rights and Duties- Socio-Cultural aspects- Earth Jurisprudence- Rights of Nature


Environmental Law has had a long, arduous journey in India, but has been able to keep up with the many changes that have taken place, around the globe, and has helped shape India’s environmental legal regime. By tracing the growth of environmental law, through different ages, and by highlighting some of those factors which have contributed immensely to its growth, the idea is to identify certain false grounds and figure out ways to make environmental law more effective. By looking at it through a socio-cultural lens, the aim is to examine as to whether culture, tradition and rituals can be imbibed into law or given a legal recognition, and thereby giving more power to law. The development of Earth Jurisprudence principles and the way in which it is sought to be imbibed in India and the challenges that it faces too are discussed.


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Sunder Raj, M. S. (2022). Environmental Jurisprudence in India: A Journey Towards Attaining Eco-Centric Ideals. Revista Catalana De Dret Ambiental, 13(1). https://doi.org/10.17345/rcda3309 (Original work published June 28, 2022)