The Texaco-Chevron case in Ecuador: Law and justice in the age of globalization


  • Antoni Pigrau


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environmental justice, access to justice, ATCA, investment protection


This is the story of an unequal legal battle. It's one that the communities affected by the operations of Texaco in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, have been holding for more than twenty years, to get compensation for damages to the environment, people's health and the ways of life of the local communities, first against Texaco, and after its absorption into Chevron, against this company. This is a litigation that perfectly illustrates three aspects: the conversion of the whole world into a single area of dispute with ramifications in the United States, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Argentina, Canada, and Brazil; the limitations of the current international legal system to the actions of big transnational companies; and finally the enormous inequalities of means between parties and the determination of Chevron, whatever the price, to take all necessary measures not to lose a litigation that is already iconic.


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Pigrau, A. (2014). The Texaco-Chevron case in Ecuador: Law and justice in the age of globalization. Revista Catalana De Dret Ambiental, 5(1).